Features of the New iPhone 11

The iPhone is one of the most popular brands of smartphone used throughout the United States and various other parts of the world. With the release of the new version of the phone, there are many different features that users must be aware of before upgrading to the newest model. If you’re still holding onto your old, broken iPhone, iphone repair midland tx professionals have make sure that it looks and functions like new. If your phone is beyond repair, the newest iPhone may be an excellent choice for you.


Personalization of your phone is one of the ways individuals express themselves. The new phone model comes in the traditional colors, such as silver, gray, black, and gold, as well as a new color – midnight green. This color is great for anyone that wants a darker look to their phone and makes it a lot easier to tell your phone apart from others of the same model.

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While you may not consider weight as an important factor, it’s worth it to note the difference in grams between the previous model and the current model of iPhone. Compared to the previous model, the iPhone 11 has an extra 10 grams of weight to it. The Pro Max is even heavier, weighing in at 226 total grams. The XS Max weights 208 – that’s an impressive 18 gram increase in weight.


The sound on this model is enhanced, with a new spatial feature that is designed to create an immersive audio experience for the user. The soundscape is more defined, giving you a greater listening experience. You may even want to forego the headphones for a while to enjoy the new sound profile.

The iPhone 11 is the newest addition to the smartphone world and has plenty of features you may love.