The Progress Of Technology In Our Lives

It seems like the world is moving along faster than we can catch up to it.  Every year it seems a new phone will come onto the market or even a new type of personal assistant.  With the development of technology growing so fast what will be the next thing to hit the market?

rf couplers

High Speed Internet

Currently we are working off of a 4G internet based system.  This goes for phones as well as general internet service.  The next generation of speed has been announced to be 5G and it is going to be very different than our traditional speeds.  When looking at technology a small but vital piece that is used are rf couplers.  The couplers help to connect radio frequencies that are being sent and received all over the world.  With the new 5G networks these couplers will play an even greater role.

Digital streaming services

The world has gone streaming crazy.  Yep, streaming services are starting to take over the way we watch television and there is no apparent end in sight.  Paramount, CBS, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are all different streaming services that we can take advantage of.  On each of these networks we have tons of original programming as well as the classic programs we love.  With all of these streaming services will customers become overwhelmed with options or will there be an emergence into a few services once again?


Apps are showing up everywhere.  Currently there is an app for banking, chatting, shopping, and getting a ride.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the games.  The list for apps is so vast that the average person will never even know all their names.  The app market is very lucrative as well.  The main way developers make money is by giving away their apps for free and charging for in app purchases or by giving content away behind a view ad wall.

The Future

What will the future hold for us?  What will the next piece of technology be and how will it shape our lives?